Our Projects

Live monitoring of a Variable Speed Drive

Problem: each breakdown of the main conveyor cost the mine hundreds of thousands. Quick diagnostics and identification of the problem was absolutely key. The old process required an staff member to go underground and manually access the variable speed drive which took hours in every case.

Solution: We developed Bigollo X1, a cloud based VSD monitoring device which gathers data from the VSD and safely stores it in the cloud. Today, an engineer can access the data live from anywhere and quickly identify the problem. This significantly reduces the downtime and gives engineers insights for predictive maintenance to minimise downtime.

Automating lighting and ventilation in a historical building (ongoing)

Problem: A client needed a solution to automate it's lighting system in a small historical building. Existing market solutions are prohibitively expensive.

Solution: Our smart programmable FOX controller is a new alternative to existing automation solutions providing a controller which doesn't require programming skills. Overall, our solution is 40% cheaper than the best market offer. The project is currently in progress.

Programmable traffic lights (ongoing)

Problem: a client needed a set of traffic lights which could be easily relocated and reprogrammed. Avoiding dealing with contractors every time the lights had to be relocated was the key requirement. The client needed a solution that could be easily reprogrammed when necessary.

Solution: Our FOX controller can be reprogrammed without the knowledge of a programming language. Anyone can set parameters via a web browser. Unlike all the existing automation solutions, FOX doesn't require programming software and knowing programming languages. We are using our own automation system providing the client flexibility they wanted.