Automation services

Our Services

We design, develop and implement advanced automation solutions at industrial sites, commercial buildings and offices. Our services include

  • Automation cost effectiveness and business case analysis;
  • Design and development of automation layout and equipment;
  • Project implementation.

We offer turnkey solutions and individual services. We usually start with building a business case for automating an existing process . Following that, our automation engineers design the solution and implement it.


  • Operating model transformation
    • Assessment of existing operating model
    • Understanding potential for improvement
    • Operating model redesign, risk mitigation and implementation
  • Cost optimisation
    • Operating efficiency
    • Process optimisation
    • Procurement
  • Project management
    • Planning and budgeting
    • Control and communication
    • Implementation


  • Design and engineering
    • Control and automation systems (most PLCs)
    • Electrical schematics, BOM
    • VSD selection and system design
  • Commissioning and troubleshooting
    • On-site equipment testing and commissioning
    • CNC Machine troubleshooting
    • Programming of robotic arms
  • Monitoring system design
    • Web interface based monitoring
    • Production line integration
    • Report to your existing database



We offer rates per hour or per project. We discuss each project individually and select the best option for our clients.

Starting at $50 per hour