WE DELIVER ADVANCED automation systems

Our focus is on optimum results for the application, it could be energy efficiency, increased production output or increased reliability. To assure achieving the planned result we follow along the entire project: from design stage to its implementation. Our advantage is that we connect diverse systems into one network. These systems include robotic arms, VSDs, PLCs, SCADA and ERP systems.



We have strong Electrical and Controls Engineering experience in the following industries: mining, manufacturing and robotics. We cover a wide range of skills from setting up a sensor to creating a cloud infrastructure for data gathering.

A few examples of project types below:

  • Robotic handling with video recognition

  • Process automation in hazardous areas

  • Underground belt conveyors and winches


PLC and Control Systems

  • PLC programming (common brands)

  • SCADA/HMI screens development

  • Node.JS C# and web software programming

Electrical Design

  • Electrical schematics, BOM

  • VSD selection and system design

  • On-site equipment testing and commissioning

Advanced Robotics

  • Programming of robotic arms

  • Robot integration into manufacturing process

  • Image recognition with robotic integration

How we work

Typically, the automation solution delivery process based on the following seven steps:

1. Discuss the requirements

To start, we'll gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements. We'll work together with you - listening, asking questions, observing existing processes, and suggesting ideas - to understand your requirements and establish a feature set for the solution.

2. Project proposal

We will then create a project proposal document. It will describe how we will work together - either in an agile or waterfall approach - and outline the feature set, and show the estimated cost and time to develop the solution.

3. Engineering and design

After you let us know you want to proceed we will begin with the engineering of the solution. This is a collaborative process, and it may involve sending preliminary schematics, estimated Bill Of Materials, and/or software architecture, so that you can be sure what we deliver is what you wanted.

4. Development

The core development will either be based upon milestones (in waterfall), or sprints (in agile). This is where the design is turned into the deliverables. PLC programs, SCADA screens, software development, schematics are produced during this stage. Communication with the client on this stage is essential to continue monitoring the development as per agreed specification.

5. Testing

If it is PLC or SCADA development then we integrate testing into the development process. PLC logic and SCADA/HMI screens tested with a specifically designed software PLC Logic Prover. In some cases we will perform manual testing and process simulation to ensure the program performs as expected. Test reports are provided on the completion.

6. Commissioning

If this step is a part of the agreement we will make sure that the developed automation solution is integrated into the current production process smoothly. We will travel on site and assist with making the equipment working as initially scoped.

7. Support

We provide comprehensive support options for the services we provided, which includes priority troubleshooting and assistance with abnormal functionality. But even if you would prefer not to opt-in for ongoing support, all our PLC programs and HMI/SCADA screens come with a 12-month warranty to fix errors.



We designed a control system upgrade for deselection of drives in 3 x 710kW ABB multidrive system.

The upgraded control system now dramatically reduces downtime risk in event of drive malfunctioning. The control system allows to disable drives with a click of a button. Disabled drive can be removed from service while the application can continue operating with reduced capacity.

We managed the entire process from discussion of the upgrade with the client to its commissioning. We developed PLC logic, tested it in the workshop and implemented it into existing client's PLC.

Main challenge was to dynamically assign master/follower roles to the drives on demand.

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