Automation and Controls

Our Services

We automate things, from office lights to robots at manufacturing plants, using our own controls technology. We make automation simple and easy to use.

Advanced automation

We design automation systems to improve efficiency, safety and to reduce costs. Do you still rely on the last one leaving the room to turn off the lights? This can be done more smartly.

Energy & process efficiency

Data insights and the power of the cloud provide us with tools to quickly identify inefficiencies at every stage of the production process and to find ways for more efficient use of equipment.


We build FOX Controller, an automation controller which allows us to design and commission automation systems faster. The controller has built-in software extensions for connecting to controlled devices.

Our Products

VSD Monitoring Solution

We designed and manufacture a monitoring device for Variable Speed Drives, called Bigollo X1. One device monitors a variety of industrial VSDs. It can work independently or supplement your existing BMS, PLC and SCADA. It monitors important applications and provides easy web-based access to the data and insights.

Automation Controller

We have developed an automation controller, called FOX Controller. It is fundamentally different from existing programmable logic controllers (PLCs) which gives us limitless tools for using automation where it could not have been used otherwise because of high costs and complexity.